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Maintenance is Important

So often, we as consumers forget about the power of maintenance, either because we're too busy, or because we'd rather just fix it when it's broken. I've got news for you though, with proper maintenance, you can avoid that situation entirely (and the bill that comes with it) for years to come.

Here's how it works: A garage door operates a lot like a body. If one of your legs is sore, then your other leg works hard to compensate. This in turn can make both of your legs into jell-o. The same applies to a garage door ecosystem, in that the springs are managing the 200 pound weight of your garage door, making it easier for your motor to push it. If your springs start to give in, then your motor will work harder to push and pull the door, resulting in a broken motor. Likewise, during the lifetime of the garage door, things come loose. It's just the reality we live in. Furthermore, for all of this to work, there needs to be a fine layer of professional long-lasting lubricant to prevent things like jamming. Now, you may be thinking: There's a lot of things that can go wrong, and you would be absolutely right. A garage door is far more complex than many think it to be, and as a result, they just sort of forget that it's there. Don't take your garage door for granted, our professionals offer the cheapest maintenance calls in the desert. You'll even get a special discount if you decide to call us again next year.

Stop the problems before they happen, with Harvey's Garage Door. The Local Small Business with over 45+ years of experience. Which, as far as we can tell, makes us the oldest in the valley. Call us, we'll get it done right.

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