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Garage door springs palm desert CA

Garage Door Springs

  Garage door springs are literally the muscle of the garage door. These springs reduce the weight of the garage door to make the motor's job easier. Be warned though, if your springs are properly maintained they can lead to a whole mess of problems.

Garage Door Remotes

  Garage door remotes are your standard for getting into your garage door. These remotes send a signal to your motor with the push of a button, making it close or open depending on what position it is currently in. These remotes are almost always handheld, and because of this they might get lost if you don't keep track of them.

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Garage Door Keypads

  Are remotes too open access for your tastes? If the answer is yes, then Harvey's has just the product for you. A handheld or wall-mounted remote that requires a custom code to activate. It still keeps the convenience of the garage door remote, but it also adds a security factor. You also don't have to carry it with you if it is mounted on the outside of your garage, making it very useful in-case you forget your keys while taking a walk.

Garage Door Painting

  Harvey's has been painting garage doors for over forty four years. In that amount of time our technicians have learned a couple tricks to get the job down quickly without any loss of quality. All of our garage door painting machines and paints line up with HOA standards.

Sliding Doors

  Harvey's Garage Door Co doesn't just work with garage doors, our years of experience allow us to service just about any door. This includes sliding glass and sliding screen doors. Harvey's has been working with sliding doors for years, and we're excited to show you what a Harvey's sliding door looks like.

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Garage Door Motors

  A garage door motor is the life of the garage door. The motor pulls the garage door across its tracks with a large metal connector, opening and closing it at the push of a button. Motors come in three main types: Screw-drives, Chain-drives, and Belt-drives. Each of these three types of motors have special properties that make them unique.

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