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Sliding glass doors palm desert CA

Sliding Glass Doors

  Sliding glass doors are usually the most fragile sliding doors. Each sliding door has a one to two sheets of glass held in by an aluminum, steel, or wood frame. The types of glass it an be outfitted with are endless, from designer stain glass (incredibly fragile) to safety glass.

These doors are what some would refer to as the very face of modernism, allowing you to finally enjoy that backyard of yours from the comfort of inside your home. This also allows for natural light to enter your abode, saving you money on electricity. There's a reason why most rooms have a window.

Four common glasses used in sliding doors:

Tempered glass - Also referred to as safety glass, tempered glass shatters in a manner that is least likely to harm anyone around it. This glass isn't designed to break though, it's designed to last longer than other types of glass.

Annealed glass - The most common type of glass, this glass is normally found on windows and table tops.

Clear glass - This glass is very clear, but also very fragile. When properly cleaned, it can be so clear that many people put stickers on their sliding doors so they don't mistake their for being open, and find out otherwise (the hard way).

Laminated glass - This glass is a combination of two or more layers. This is one of the strongest types of glass available, and a favorite of many.

Custom glass - Harvey's can outfit almost any sliding door frame with almost any type of glass, allowing for a large range of sliding glass door options.

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  Perhaps you want to explore other options, but have pets or children and you don't want to sacrifice the durability of glass. If this is the case, Harvey's has you covered with screen doors. Screen doors can be augmented with many features that glass isn't very compatible with, such as pet doors.

Sliding screen door indio

(Above) A Harvey's technician working with a sliding glass door.

(Above) A video displaying the potential strength of glass.

(Above) A helpful video that demonstrates the strength of laminated glass.

Sliding Screen Doors

  Sliding screen doors can (just like their glass counterparts) range from delicate to incredibly strong. Sliding screen doors are generally referred to by their manufacturers as being the most durable type of sliding door. These doors allow fresh air to enter your home, with the sunlight a sliding glass door provides. These screens can be so tightly woven that many insects you can barely see can not gain entry, or reinforced so that pets are less likely to ruin them. Sliding screen doors allow you to smell the fresh air, enjoy the view around your home, and fill it with natural light. Many prefer this option, seeing it as the closest you can get to being outside without leaving your home.




(Above) A video that demonstrates just how strong a screen door can be.

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