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What Kind of Garage Door Motor Should I Buy?

Garage Door Motor

When the time to buy a new garage door motor comes around, many people find themselves asking this very important question: "What type of garage door motor should I buy?" The answer depends on what you're looking for in a garage door motor, and which of the three basic motor types holds those qualities.

Belt Drives

Belt drives are the rarest of these three motor types. A belt drive (as the name suggests) propels the door with a belt of teeth. This was Harvey's personal choice for his own garage door.


- Quieter than both the Screw Drive & Chain Drive

Chain Drives

Chain drives are the second most popular motor type in America. A chain drive utilizes a long chain to pull the garage door across a motor's rail. Though already the loudest motor, it comes with a catch: A chain drive gets louder, the older it becomes. This means that its durability comes at a price.


- The most durable motor


- Loudest Motor

Screw Drives

A screw drive is the most popular type of motor in the USA. A screw drive uses a long screw that pulls the garage door. Though not nearly as loud as a chain drive, a screw drive still gets louder as time passes.


- Quieter than a Chain Drive


- Louder than a Belt Drive

Those were the three main types of motors, but there is a fourth type of motor. A Jack shaft doesn't have an arm to stop an off track situation from occurring, causing severe damage should it ever occur. It does however free up loads of room inside your garage.

You can read more about jack shafts here:

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