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Your Garage Door Motor Will Thank You for Reading This

Is your garage door motor past it's glory days? Are you looking to dodge that new motor bill, or avoid getting one in the first place? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you will be glad to have read this short article, because it could save your garage door motor.

Your garage door's motor is pretty much married to the garage door's springs. The springs determine how much weight it has to carry, and from there, how much it needs to work in order to lift that garage door every time you press that button. That's why you can actually extend your motor's life by just having a professional maintenance your springs.

Properly maintained springs can relieve your motor of weight it carries, and keep you from needing to replace your motor for a very long time. The only problem is in getting that proper maintenance for your springs. That's why Harvey's has the professionals to get the job done right. Our technicians have the experience to get the job done safely, and the tools to get it done correctly, all for the most affordable price possible. Desert local since 1972, Harvey's is ready to save your motor. The question is: are you?

To rescue your motor today, call (760) 636-6174 right away.

Below: A satisfied Harvey's customer

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