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Welcome to

Harvey's Garage Door

Indian Wells

    Harvey's has been repairing, installing, and servicing garage doors here in Indian Wells & the rest of the desert valley since 1972.  Our technicians can handle almost any garage door issue our customers may have, and at competitively low prices. From broken springs, to off track situations, Harvey's Garage Door is fully equipped to assist Indian Wells residents with anything and everything garage door.

(760) 636-6174

About Us

  Harvey's is an old company, and to our knowledge, we've been in operation longer than any garage door company in Indian Wells, and the surrounding desert. We've been servicing garages here in Indian Wells long before it turned into the green jewel it is today. This means two things: We have all the experience we need to properly service our customer's garage doors, and all of our services/products are time tested. Just ask our customers, who's recommendations bring in more income than any advertisement ever has.

Indian Wells



Indian Wells has always been the green jewel of the desert, and it always will be. As tiny as the city may be, it certainly is lush with small, yet beautiful flowers that compliment it's many tall and stoic palm trees. It's no wonder why Harvey chose to make his home in Indian Wells when he moved from Costa Mesa to the desert with his wife Marian. Of course, when they did so, it was hardly a city. It was more of a small town, with naught but a few residents, spaced far apart. It was there during his stay in Indian Wells that the garage door business started to pick up, back when there wasn't a single garage door company in the valley. Marian managed the phone line, and Harvey worked in the field. They were an inseparable team. Eventually, that team grew, gaining more and more employees, including Harvey's grandson Eric, who would later inherit the small company when his grandfather retired.

(Below) Longtime Harvey's Customer - Indian Wells

(Below) Harvey's customer - Coachella Valley

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